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''Being a total beginner I saved myself about a decade of learning curve by mostly accidentally finding this course. Over a year, Andrew gave us not just the tips and tricks of "how", but also the deeper understanding of "why". Although I am mostly interested in composing, knowing all the areas of music production lifecycle is a huge benefit. I particularly enjoyed those little "diamonds" of know how which one discovers only after working in the industry for years.'' Dmitri Mihhailov
I first saw Andrew while randomly looking through sound engineering videos. I liked his lesson fff it was clear, fundamental and funny fff and I thought it would be worth learning from him. However, it was a pity to know he lives in another country but nonetheless I e-mailed him. He replied he holds a full 9-month online course. The price was more than affordable, so I enrolled. It went even better than I thought! Ifffve been to some courses before fff both off- and online, and I say Andrej is wonderful instructor. The knowledge and skills I receive make me much more confident and involved in sound production. Igor Panarin
Andrew is a good teacher. He intelligently structured the course. All of the information is given in portions and easy to understand. A lot of new and interesting information. The course has the methods of the top engineers that you do not see in the public domain. I advise everyone to take this course! Andrew, thank you for the knowledge and communication! Alexander Domrachev
For all who is reading my review - Andrew Zeleno is the teacher who can really help to improve your skills. For someone this courses will be turning upside down. Wish you good luck! Gotovyy Production