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What unique you will get?

The purpose of this audio production course is not only to improve your sound or get skills. It is to become the highest level specialist that allows you to be a part of some society of people who earn money with their favorite activity. You need to be the best specialist for that. The fact is I can’t convince you with this ad text that it is the best audio production course in the world however I think it is so. I must prove it to you. The course lasts 9 months online. I understand if it is weak or not like I promise then people will quit and I will lose. I have been teaching for 4 years and never lost. That’s why I am not scared to say that it is the best audio production course in the world. Also when you finish the second or third month of this course you will never want to quit this course. You will just realize that you finally have found that kind of treasure you have always been looking for but never expected to find. You will appreciate this course. The cool thing about this is that this audio production course has everything. Literally! Not a part but everything. After this course you will never need to learn something fundamentally new in this industry. And a lot of my students say that after my mixing course and mastering course sometimes they don’t like to watch some teaching materials. These students have so higher level that it seams like a first grader from the internet tries to teach professors. We don’t have any excuses in our course. We just take your work and honestly compare it with a product of the best specialist in the world. If your product is worse we don’t say “we have worse monitoring” or “we don’t have analog summing mixer” or “when we send it to mastering then it will sound great” or “we are not in Los Angeles”. We just must sound on the same level. Period! And we truly will be sounding not worse than the best specialist in the world. That means better than others.

Why this course and how it works

This course is based on the lost knowledge of top audio engineers of the previous generation which is still present in the top rated mixing engineers Chris Lord-Alge, Andy Wallace and others. It’s their secret and they will not teach us this knowledge properly. Honestly they don’t have the ability to teach. I was able to dig and learn their knowledge. Why? I’ve done it because I have advanced analytical skills plus education (advanced Physical-Technical Lyceum and bachelor degree in computer engineering). But the main reason is rare perseverance (working until faint to find an answer). How have these top rated professionals been learning? They came to top studios of that period of time. They had an opportunity to learn from top professionals of that period of time working with them back to back. Unfortunately we don’t have this opportunity in our modern industry. Internet is full of bad training materials which cannot teach you and in the same time lead you in the wrong direction. I was successful to learn from top rated professionals in our modern world where it’s impossible. For example, if I watch 5 minutes video with Chris Lord-Alge I can be discovering it within 3 months like a crazy person. I analyze every adjustment with all my analytical skills, which you can not even see but I can be able to realize indirectly. Every movement and the reasons why it has been applied. In spite of I am a top rated audio engineer of my region with more than 10 years of experience of working as a recording engineer, mixing engineer, radio producer for the best broadcasting company in my region, mastering engineer, arranger I believe that I have been learning from guys like Chris Lord-Alge. Just was able to get their knowledge where others never could see them. So in the world where there is no possibility to truly learn from the best professionals nevertheless you will have the opportunity to inherit their skills via this course. I will teach you how to listen to and make decisions. That is why top-ranking audio engineers are better than others. Not your equipment, not a preset but a correctly made decision. The most important skills here are your ability to hear and your experience. We will be training you in this way. You will see your mix in advance and how one adjustment of a current instrument affects on other ones. Audio production or sound mixing or mastering is a search of a decision in situations where this decision is not obvious. I train you in the way that you don’t try to recall what plugin you need in every situation or how you need to adjust it. Instead you see the core of a situation and “molecules” of sound. You don’t choose techniques for your purpose. You analyze the purpose. You see the core of it. You make the right decision. Eventually you make your product much better than every other. Period! I will prove that many professionals are just amateurs. The whole industry is based on illusions which bring you to bad results. I will show you a lot of myths and you will know everything so deeply that you will unmask any advertisement that tries to sell something to you. I will show you incompetence of many companies who sell plugins or equipment. You will see by yourselves that you can be not only on the same level with big boys of the industry but even higher. Eventually you can take their place in the future if you want to. Also my students often say I am quoting: “There is no other teacher who teaches like this. Nobody can explain so good. You only need to take it”. You will agree that ability to do something and ability to teach how to do something are absolutely different things. I have 4 years of very successful experience of teaching. I can teach. Nobody cares what I am going to say to you or who I am or what I can. The only important thing is what you will get with this course. I think it is not so proper thing to say but it is the best audio production course in the world that you have seen or you will see in your life. I guarantee this or I will give your money back to you if it is not true. This course is unique and you will never find anything like this. The really important thing there are home works in our school. Probably you have never seen any course where you do home works. Where a teacher in real time analyzes your home work and shows you how to make better, what mistakes you made etc. You don’t realize now how only this activity makes a result. Not only explanation of a topic! It’s a typical situation. You are watching video and thinking that you understand everything. I’ve seen my students and there are a lot of top professionals of our industry. They think that they understand a topic. But when I check their home works only 5% of them do them correctly. It’s an unbelievable fact that I have discovered for myself after 4 years of teaching. And exactly home works will teach you how to work. There are many things that you never meet in any courses which have “wow effect.” It is a thing which will turn you upside down even if you had big experience before this course.

Why To Act

Almost 100 audio engineers from beginners to professionals from top broadcasting companies, studios, professional musicians from 9 countries who have already finished this 9 months course is the prove of all this. They are in shock. Just read their reviews. Or even listen to their works. This course has everything from music writing course, sound mixing course, audio mastering course to sound design course and radio-TV-cinema-post production course. The most important thing is that your product will be sounding on the same level as a product of the best audio engineer in the world. It means your product will be sounding better than products of any other person. In the final you will be able to take your place in the industry and achieve your goals. Write me an email. Open this treasure for yourself. Take this opportunity and change your situation for the better. Life is short. So act!